What I use

Because I am occasionally asked, here is a list of the tech items I use on a regular basis.

I use an Apple iPhone 6S with a tech21 case. I have no plans to upgrade at this time.

I use a 14-inch Sony Vaio laptop running Windows 8.1 that I purchased from the Microsoft Store, so it came with no crapware. If you're going to buy a Windows computer, I highly recommend purchasing from Microsoft because of that.

I use two tablets: an Asus VivoTab 8 running Windows 8.1 that was purchased from the Microsoft store, and an Amazon Fire 7 tablet. Of the two, I'd say the Fire was a better deal. Yes, it's cheap and plasticky and small, but it was $49. What the hell do you want for $49? No, it won't be a great email machine, or replace your laptop, but it does a great job with what I want it for (Netflix and Amazon Video, primarily), and at that price it's practically disposable.

I use an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which is the best e-reader I've ever used, and is also the best currently available. You can buy more expensive models, but don't waste your money. This is the one you want.

Cloud storage
I use Dropbox, with photos also backed up to Google Photos. I have transitioned away from OneDrive because Dropbox is an overall better choice for me. I also use Google Drive as a secondary cloud storage provider.

Blog platform
After years of trying everything under the sun, from Blogger to Wordpress to Posterous to Tumblr to Posthaven, I've landed on the 10Centuries platform developed by Jason Irwin in Japan. I recommend it highly.